monday mondays 1.9.17


Happy New Year!!!

Well, with a new year, I aim once again to blog more.  I probably could’ve  posted a whole bunch of these Monday posts if only I’d actually taken the time to post them; I have tons of links I’ve sent to myself but I’m wary of only doing these link posts. I love blogging, but my heart hasn’t been in it for a while. While I love it here, I don’t want to only show up and be the Drudge Report of recipe, home decorating and gardening links.  But they were over-running my email inbox, so today is your lucky day if you wanted to know exactly how much protein is enough, according to experts.

By the way, above is a photo I took last week from my front porch when we had some really lovely fog at dusk.  We now have Mennonites that live nearby, and hearing the clip clop of the horses pulling their buggies pulled me outside. The painting God drew for me that evening took my breath away.  Thank goodness for cameras so I can remember His gift to me!

Have a good week, my virtual friends – go forth and notice the beauty all around you!


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