Monday Mondays 2.22.16


Have you ever heard of Dale Chihuly? He’s an artist that makes the most fabulous glass pieces.  You may have seen his lobby ceiling in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, or seen his botanical gardens in Atlanta, NYC, Dallas, Nashville or St. Louis.  I first saw his one of his permanent exhibitions in Atlanta, but then I was in his hometown of Tacoma a few years ago, and his imprint is unmistakably all over the city.  Recently, I was in St. Pete, FL for my niece’s wedding and we had a little time to visit his museum there.  Every room had something different and unique and completely unexpected in it.  Each room had some piece that blew my mind with how intricate and difficult it must have been to create. Each design started as sand, and then was super-heated until it was a molten blob of glass.  And then, under a master’s touch, it became something utterly different that the one before or after.  It became inspired and unique, and incredible.

And then, I realized that each of us is like that.  We start as the most basic and raw material, but under God’s expertise and care, we’re shaped into… well… more.  Someone that nobody else can be.  Someone that is beautiful in our own right.

Beautiful because we were created to reflect the master’s hand.  

His vision.

His story.

Don’t ever forget that.

Where we started isn’t where we end up, because His hand is still molding and shaping us to be more than we are at this moment.

Today, and every day, the work of art that is YOU is of infinitesimal value.  

How would your life be different today if you lived like your value had no bounds?  


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