Monday Mondays 8.31.15


Sometimes it’s the simple things that make your day. Usually, it’s the simple things that make your day, because most days are simple. Most days aren’t red carpet worthy,jump out of an airplane or “make it off the Titanic alive” kinds of days.

Most days are just… days.

Days filled by the mundane.  Laundry, filling up the car with gas, making phone calls to take care of some problem and being forced to listen to a 5 minute robo-list of choices, pruning the hedges in the front yard, brushing your teeth…

Mundane.  Simple.


So it was the other day, the day after my daughter’s birthday.  The birthday she ended up spending in bed with a 103° fever.  The next day she was supposed to go on a Young Life retreat, so the next morning, still with a fever, she drove to the doctor to see if she could still go (she did.)  Modern medicine is a marvel, isn’t it?  Anyway, no matter how old she is, every cough, every trip to the bathroom she made, kept me in full-mom mode, and I got very little sleep that night.  Knowing my sleepless ways, she stopped at a Starbucks and brought a coffee to me at work. (White Mocha Coconut Frappucino, by the way.  The girl speaks my love language.)

Simple things.


That’s what we’ll remember and take with us when we leave this world.

Simple things.



As with most Mondays, here are the things that caught my attention through the previous week.  Most aren’t earth-shattering, just (to keep with this week’s theme)… simple.  Make it a great one!


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